Assignment # 6 Pano

For the panoramic pictures we took pictures all over the school the first picture was pretty cool because the picture describes the first day of college for me when i went in to york college. its as if i went to class met everyone i didn’t know and i wanted to beat them up for being here and letting go of my high school friends. but as i got to know them over the semester i grew fond of them and made them my friends too.

The second panoramic picture we did was the life of a college kid. This pictures shows that the students work had studying for these hard classes, midterms, and finals. but we also party inside and outside of school. trying to live the best life of both worlds.

The third and final picture we took was outside the school were we are all jut chilling enjoying the weather while we wait for our class. but sometimes we lose track of time and end up being late to class so we gotta run. or sometimes the MTA gets stuck in “Train Traffic” lol.


I’ve been lifting weights since i was a kid. i started when i was 16 and now im 25!

Crazy how time flies by. Some of the people that inspired me was calum von moger, arnold schwarzenegger, lazar anglov, etc.. bribase shop Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster 32x24: Home ...
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Some of my Interest!

This blog explains some of my hobbies and interests, such as computer science and BODYBUILDING.

I majored in computer science in york college and do some programming and gaming.

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And when I’m on break I’m in the gym trying to get bigger lol

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