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Throughout the semester of spring I have learned many cool new things in CT 101. When I first came to the class, we learned about how the internet influences me to be happy. I have learned that the internet provides us with streaming movie sites like Netflix, social media like Instagram and many other third party sites. This made me realize I use the internet to make myself happy and entertained. But not just that but to do many other things.

As the class went further into the semester, I’ve learned about how gifs worked and that it used multiple different images merging into one to create gifs. And I learned how to save gifs and post on word press and share the gifs with many other people. I also learned that gifs are defiantly art because art is a way to express yourself, and gifs definitely expresses one’s feelings towards something. The coolest website i found out during class was you definetly check it out.

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While we were in the class, I was questioning myself what this class is really about and why I in this class am. I had no clue what I was doing. But then over time I realized this class teaches us about some cool stuff about the internet and how we can use storytelling with the internet. While we do a digital story telling we learn some awesome front-end skills on websites.

In the class I learned what word press was which I had no idea about. And how word press can be used to post blogs and share them people. I learned a lot about word press on how we can post blogs and share content and upload it so everybody can have access to the media I was sharing.

While I was in ct101 I really enjoyed doing the panoramic project in the class. The reason I really enjoyed that was because I got to communicate and get involved with the class to take awesome panoramic pictures and use that to tell a story. This hands-on project was really and enjoyable and got to share different ideas with my peers. They were awesome on creating new ideas and telling different stories. I have posted the pano project on my website!!! Which can be viewed here —>

But as we went to the semester, we encountered the Covid 19 and we had to create a website, which I had no idea about. But when we learned it from our professor it didn’t seem to bad. I learned ho to create a domain and set up different themes on a website. Also, to create different categories to display different blogs for specific topics. In my website I shared some of my hobbies and interests and what I focused on in York college for my major.

Drink Corona GIF by Petter Pentilä - Find & Share on GIPHY

Honesty I think I should get an A+ for this class because I have done all the required projects and blogs needed from the syllabus. I have given it all to keep up with class and finish all the assignments. The reason I gave it my best was because this was my last semester at York college, and I wanted to get the best grade possible. And, my website is pretty cool lol.

I think I will keep the website as long as I can maybe a couple of years. The reason I say a couple of years is because I am in the process to open up a new business and I will need a website to display my business to the public and it can show my business without any expensive costs. And since I now know how to use word Press I can modify it and make it look different or however way I want it to look.

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One thing that I had a difficulty with this class was creating the website because I was extremely new to front end development. And I had no idea about how word press worked. I didn’t know you can create different categories and subcategories. so, playing around with word press was a little difficult because I didn’t know about the plugins, categories, subcategories or connecting social media to the website.

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