How This Site is being used!

Welcome everyone this blog post will introduce you to my new site. i will be explaining to you guys what this website means to me and how it will help others. First this website could have the potential to help people learning coding and computer science background if they lack the knowledge. the site can post codes to explain different codes and languages in computer science. it also explains some of my hobbies that are completely different from the topic of the website. This can show the viewers that even though you have a different hobby or interest, you can still learn to code and learn about technology. you can the est of both worlds. As the owner i have decided to use the website to enlighten people about computers and merge their personal hobbies with Computer Science. This website will be dedicated to show people computer science doesnt need to me hard and you can do it if you put your mind and effort into it. This website is just a test phase to attract people with curiosity of technology and computers.

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